Use the MAB on the warrior, maybe you can patch him up enough, to put up a fight!

You open the MAB and it comes to life...

There is one thing you remember from flight-academy. It had something to do with morphine injections. You remember chief-medical officer McKinley once telling you

[i]The morphine injection cannister is a powerful tool. In the hands of a doctor it can calm a patient enought to operate on. In the hands of a fool, it is a deadly weapon. Any shot from this cannister without a proper calculation of body-mass and weight could result in immediate death.[/i]

You quickly pull out the cannister and turn it to 'FULL INJECTION - DANGEROUS'. Just when the creature tries to pick you up, you manage to plunge the cannisters needle deep into the thick leathery skin. You hear a soft sound as the morphine starts to leave the cannister and enters the veins of the alien-creature.

It looks at you with amazement, turns around, jumps.. releases a loud scream and topples over.

You managed to live another day!

Then you hear another sound.. the fiercesome warrior has managed to get up and seems to have suffered only minor injuries. He lets out a loud growl...

You wonder: will this EVER stop?

The End

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