Take the MAB and JUMP, for crying outloud!

You grab the MAB, and jump out!

Outside you are confronted with a strange scene. A fiercesome warrior was seriously hit by debris coming from your ship. He points furiously at you.. he must be very, very angry. Just as you want to apologize, you notice he isn't pointing at you.

As you turn around to see what it is he is pointing at, it turns out to be a huge, slime-dripping alien creature you have never seen before. The creature has lost all interest in the warrior, YOU are far more interesting.

You wouldn't fancy a fight with this creature. The creature on the other hands has a different opinion and starts coming towards you. 

You look for directions to run, but you don't have a clue how fast this creature is, you even don't know where to go.

You look at the warrior, if he was in better shape he might be able to kill the alien-creature, the warrior is still wielding a large razorsharp blade.

Then you look at the MAB(tm).

The End

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