Scream for help!

You scream for help!

You scream and scream, suddenly you hear a noise. It is your computer.

Stop it, already... come on.. are you dumb or anything? We're on fire, yeah? We're both going to burn. Listen, you are the only one that can get out of here, and all you do is scream?? Humans... come on.. even though you don't even deserve a chance I'll unbuckle your seatbelt.. I am a USER-friendly computer, after all.

You fall from your chair with a big bump

Ouch... that did hurt.

The strange cocktail of smoke from your burning cockpit interior mixed with whatever you're engines were running on starts getting to you.

You can't almost breath, you smash the cockpit window and get ready to jump through it, when your eyes fall onto some useful items. You see:

- A Stungun
- A Medical Assistant Boy MAB 2400[sup]tm[/sup]
- Your portable gameconsole

What do you do?

The End

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