Do you press the button?

You press the button

As you press the button, all lights dim and together with a honking-alarm a red light now illuminates your cockpit.

This is your computer speaking, we are going to make a crash landing, thank you for relying upon me. We've had plenty of occasions in which you arrogant, cocky space jocks wanted to down your space-crafts themselves, was it not for... oh.. ahem.

In amazement you are looking through the cockpit-window, the planet below you is coming at you dazzlingly fast!

Uhm.. where was I.. oh yeah: FASTEN YOUR SEATBELT!! BRACE YOURSELF!!

With a thump you crash down, glass breaking, your snacks flying through the air.. you wish you did not eat so much as you are now in for a bumpy ride on the planet's surface. The spacecraft bobs and hobs, turns over and comes to a hold.

It is very hot inside the cockpit... maybe you should get out?

The End

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