The wind tugged at my hair, pulled at the thin nightdress hanging around my body. There was something haunting calling for me--darkness, relief, whispering for me to spread my wings and take flight into the arms of the shifting shadow of stormy sea below, away from such misery which with horrid teeth had grabbed hold of my heart and torn it to shreds.

My barren toes clung to the slippery edge, my body shuddering as if begging for mercy from the ravagings of my heart and what it yearned for. Half of myself was fighting to turn away, and the other was begging to be set free.

The rocky ocean bubbled white as it clashed with the hungry talons of the fatal boulders below. In its fury it sprayed salted rain over me, soaking through my clothes. It was as if the world was spitting on me in its shame.

I clung to the silver, molten heart hanging loosely around my neck, that locket that signified dreams that never came true, plans that never unfolded, a heart shattered, and the lies that broke it all. I tore it from my neck, snapping the chain, and threw it into the wind where it was swallowed by the ocean. Tears ran freely, and sobs burst forth into the thunderous sky, the cold world. I closed my eyes, blocking them from the sting of the bitter wind as I stood on the edge of insanity, the ledge of death.

How did I allow him to wreak such havoc on me?


The End

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