lost at nightMature

camp fire at november 25

It was at twelve o'clock midnight, the moon was shining and you can hear the wolves' voices from the mountains. The scouts were sitting around the campfire telling stories until the fire was off. They entered their tents to go to sleep but the voices that came from the head scouts tent made them scared.

When they entered his tent they saw his body turn apart, his head was on a spare, his arms were on the bed, his feet were cut to pieces and his body was on the door. They were all terrified and ran to one tent where they saw blood around and there was writing on the wall written with blood and it says "you're all going to be killed." There you can hear the voices of the terrified scouts.

They ran out into the forest where one of them was cut in a trap where his head was cut, and everybody was spreading apart four passed away and the other five passed another way.

Whilst walking in the dark forest Ulric, John, Tracie and Beatrice on one side had only a torch and a kitchen knife, and on the other hand Mohamed, Ali, Shafaq, Dimitri and Ellen had a knife and a cutlass but no light. The first group walked their way out of the forest and entered a hunted radio centre.

The other group was still in the forest fighting their way out but the place was very dark and the night was getting thicker and thicker as time goes. They climbed a tree house which they saw and found some strange tools like a hoe but not exactly a hoe it has some drops of blood which was still fresh. As they turned around boom a mutant was behind them, he tied them up and took Ellen and started cutting her body apart in front of them which made them shout very high.

The shouting was heard by the other group but that made them more terrified but they were forced to check it out. As they stepped outside there came a truck with two other mutants which captured them and were tied with the others. The mutants were having dinner with the meat of Ellen, Dimitri managed to get loose and freed us but we sat there as if nothing happened because if they knew they'll kill them without blinking an eye. Tracie was afraid so she ran but one of the mutants shut her with a shotgun on the head and there she fell down dead. As Ulric tried to go to Tracie he was followed and was killed. Fortunately john got hold of the shotgun on the table and shut the mutant sitting on the table.

Whilst running out side we saw the two other mutants on the door holding saws and ready to cut them alive, but john shot them with the shotgun but unfortunately he missed them and the bullets were all used so they ran for their lives. One of the mutants threw the saw on us it stroke Dimitri on the head and he fell on the ground so Shafaq tried to help him but her intestines were cut off by the mutant so they ran away to the main street and walked for hours. There they saw an inhabited village which from the looks of it was the mutants doing.

They entered in search of food but all they saw were dead bodies and boom the mutants jumped in front of them and followed them around, but this time they were ready for them they set traps for them. The first mutant fell directly in to the trap whilst the other was only wounded. Mohamed held a knife and ran behind him, when he was walked Mohamed slipped behind him jumped and stabbed him in the eye but he didn’t die but wasn’t able to move on so i gave the knife to Ali to finish him and there Ali cut his neck and they were saved.

But that day will not be forgotten by Mohamed, Ali, Beatrice and John as they walked out of the village and their faces were as yellow as puke.

The End

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