Chapter 1.3Mature

I walked into the office, pulling at my shirt slightly as I sat down. We joked that the heating was always so high in here so the ice queen didn't freeze. I was pretty used to her ways and bi-polar way of acting. Sometimes she was nice, others times she wasn't. I just had to hope this passed quickly so I could get back to work.

“Valerie, how are you this morning?” Janice asked with a forced smile. Oh, so it was one of those days. I resisted the urge to roll my eyes at her stunted attempts to be sociable and smiled back. Mine as clearly false as hers was.

“I'm good thanks. You?” I replied. Asking out of courtesy rather than actual interest.

“Fine, thank you,” she replied. She flicked open her planner and cleared her throat. It was a sure sign I wouldn't like what she had to say. Janice disliked confrontation in any form. And I had in the past, proved to be volatile. As Sophie had said, I did a good job. It was the only reason I'd gotten away with it.

“As you may have heard,” she said. Her eyes glaring at an imaginary Karl. She was very jealous how well he was with people. “ There's a visitor joining our team for a while,” she finished. I felt my mouth grow dry, recalling Karl's grin.

“As you're one of the best workers here, I thought you wouldn't mind showing him the ropes. He'll shadow you for a few days before taking on some work himself,” Janice explained. I couldn't help but notice she skipped his connection to the big boss. If there was one opinion we shared, it was that worth was made of what you could do, not who you were.

“Let me know if he causes any problems. I'll request he transfer to another department. I can't guarantee it'll work but it's worth a try,” she shrugged. I nodded and murmured a thanks before standing up and returning to my desk. I slumped back in my chair, hands either side of my armrests loosely. I heard the slight squeak as Sophie turned in her chair to face me. Then she wheels across the carpet to my left.

“What happened?” she asked, her tone serious as she saw my worn expression.

“Nothing like that. I'm the one stuck with the rich kid,” I explained with a shrug.

“Unlucky,” she said with a frown. I shrugged again, little point whining over what was inevitable.

“Least you can make him do the crappy jobs,” she said with a grin. I returned it, though mine was probably darker looking.

“Oh yeah, his first job is photocopying. And I'll make him stand there while it does two hundred plus copies,” I replied. We shared laughs before going back to our computers. I got an e-mail from Janice telling me he'd turn up after lunch. I rubbed my temples, I hadn't even began tackling my huge to-do list and a headache was blooming. My day was going brilliantly.

The End

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