Lost and found- A tale of my phone woes…

It was a Sunday morning and a perfect summer day with bright sunshine and light breeze. One look outside the window and I immediately decided to take a day off from my usual schedule of studies and headed outside.

I changed my clothes, took my bag, slathered some sunscreen on and headed out. I decided to head to the market, although I suspected that it would be crowded at this time. The decision made, I started to mentally form a list of things I could buy. Mentally, I also congratulated myself for multitasking and getting rid of chores while relaxing too.

While I was looking at the goods displayed, a man with quite a shabby appearance and a hunched back bumped into me. At the moment, I thought nothing of it, however, it did cross my mind that he was so rude as he never said sorry. After making the rounds, buying the essential items and a few impulse purchases and a leisurely walk, I decided to head back as I had a load of shopping bags and it was now getting a bit too warm.

When I reached back to my home, I realized it was very strange that my phone did not ring even once, which was so strange that it made me question my existence as it keeps on buzzing all the time as I am quite a social bee with a large group of friends. I distinctly remembered that I did put it my bag while leaving for the market.

I looked through my bag, but it was not there. I emptied my bag on the bed and went through the items again and still no phone! How strange? And then I remembered, the man who bumped into me, he must have taken my phone! I immediately went into a state of panic as my phone had all my contact numbers, passwords and personal information. It was basically my life and I couldn’t imagine functioning without it.

Then after a brief moment of extreme panic, I remembered that in the last semester in my essay writing assignment at that time I was also searching some reputable buy college research papers service online but I could not found, I researched on how to trace a phone via a mobile app which is when installed, it can function as a locator for lost devices. I had downloaded that app on my phone at that time, as my research it was quite beneficial. I thought, I have caught you now!

Enthusiastically, I opened my laptop, pulled open the file that contained all the research I had gathered on the functions and uses of the app. I went through it once and got to work. As I am not a technology guru, it took me a lot of time to set up the tracking signal remotely and track my phone’s location.

Once I managed to set it up, the locator gave me a strange address! Much to my amazement, it turned out all along, my precious phone was lying on my bed, under my pillow, safe and secure. Oh well! A Sunday well wasted!

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The End

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