From Dreams to Reality

Could it really have all been a dream? It felt so real, so factual. I rubbed by eyes and peered out my bedroom window. I was no longer hungry or parched of thirst, although I could have gone for some breakfast. I rolled over and looked at my wife. I had an ominous gut feeling about the camping trip but I could not bear the thought of disappointing my girls. I had to follow my fatherly instincts though, and it is better to be safe than sorry. I started explaining my dream to my wife and she stared back with a somewhat amused look. "Darling, it was just a dream. I am sure everything will be all right. We have been planning this for months!" she said to me. "I know it seems strange but I feel like the trip is a bad idea". We discussed it and we decided to go with my gut; the trip was off. Though the memories from the dream would still haunt me, or what I thought was a dream. 

The End

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