Just a Dream (in response to vanishing act)

     "Daddy, daddy!"  Two words that kept running through my head.     


     "Yes daddy, wake up!  It's time to go!" 

       Why was Paige talking to me?  Where was Brad?  Even a better question, where was I?  I felt myself laying on a flat, soft surface.  I was warm and had a sense of comfort with my surroundings.  Not only was I not in the mountains, but I had woken up to the sweet voice of my daughter.  It must have been a dream.  No, not a dream, a nightmare.

     "Hi sweetie.  What are you doing up so early?"

     "Daddy, we're going to be leaving soon," Paige answered in response.  

     "Leaving soon?  Where are we going?"

     "Camping! Remember?"  

     Suddenly, I remembered!  I remembered we had planned a few months earlier that we were going to go camping in the mountains.  Paige, my wife, and I.  And now, a thought had come to me that maybe camping in the mountains wasn't such a good idea.   

The End

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