Vanishing Act

I couldn't keep my eyes off of Brad's corpse. Had we gone through so much difficulty, exceeded so many limits, just to see him dead at our feet?

Collin and I stood in silence, unable to comprehend what had happened over the last few days, when suddenly, we heard an ear-shattering scream from behind us. We looked and were horrified by the sight:  an enormous mob, at least one hundred people in size, of tribesman dashing straight at us from the village a half mile away. Were they coming for us? Perhaps Brad's body? Either way, I turned to pick up Brad and make a run for it.

Brad's body wasn't there. I looked to Collin, who was just as confused as I was. What on Earth was going on? Giving up our immediate search, we made a break for a small canyon in the distance. I kept turning my head, looking for the tribe that had looked so menacing, but saw nothing. What had I seen before, if there had never been anyone there? Were Collin and I delusional?

The End

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