We Can Make It

I knew I was going to have to carry Collin so I threw him over my shoulder and we began to make our way to the smoke. I had no idea what we were going to encounter once we got there, but I was praying that we would find food and shelter, but more importantly Brad. Brad was a great friend of ours and we knew we had to find him. I knew Collin was also struggling which didn't help. He asked me "Are we almost there? Where is Brad? Where are we?" I knew he was dazed and confused from the fall he had just taken, so I continued to walk as fast as possible to any signs of smoke. Once we finally arrived, we found something that we were hoping for. It was a huge village of people with campfires everywhere. Who they were we didn't know, but we were hoping that they could help us find Brad. We walked around the village getting lots of awkward stares. Then as we looked into the distance we saw Brad running towards us. He looked just as beat up as earlier, but we knew he would be fine. He was getting closer and closer until he eventually ran right by us. Where was he going? We didn't know, but we had to follow him.

The End

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