The Fall

We knew our next move had to be descending the mountain and making our way towards the smoke, but the descent would be tricky.  The western side of the mountain was steep and rocky, quite unlike the gradually sloping east side.  We began to make our way down slowly and carefully.  Rocks were crumbling beneath our boots, inviting us to slip and tumble down the mountain.  Collin looked up to see the progress we had made.  While he was looking he carelessly took one wrong step and began his tumbling down the side of the mountain.  Collin summersaulted over rocks for about 100 yards before he was abruptly stopped by the trunk of a tree.  It took me about 10 minutes to safely make my way to his position.  When I got there, I found that he was still conscious, but his right leg was badly broken.  If we were going to make it down the mountain I was going to have to carry him.

The End

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