I carefully and quietly eased out of my sleeping bag that the rescuers had given me and pulled on one of thei spare jackets.  The night was cold, but at least it didn't look as if it would rain.  As I started to leave the campsite with a map, flashlight, and bottle of water in hand, I heard a twig snap behind me.  I jumped and turned around, but it was only Collin.

"You're going after Brad, aren't you?" he asked.

"Yeah" I replied, "I think there's something these guys aren't telling us.  I have this weird hunch that they know where the screams were coming from but just don't want to tell us, and if finding whoever was screaming helps us find Brad and figure out what happened to him, I'm going, rescuers or no.  Don't even think of trying to stop me..."

"I'm not trying to" he said, and held out his hands.  He had a map and flashlight, too. "I'm coming with you."  I nodded and we set off.

We walked all night, and by the time the first rays of morning were coming through the trees, we could see that we had made it to the summit of the mountain.  More importantly, we could see the off to the west, smoke was rising from the trees.  Smoke.  Fire. People.  Collin and I looked at each other and wordlessly started westward down the mountain.

The End

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