Rescue squad

We were finally found and it was a blessing and a curse at the same time.  Brad was down river somewhere but we were safe.  There were 6 rescuers all with flashlights and yellow rain suits.  They listened to our plights of our friend being swept downstream but said they couldn't let us go with them to save him.  It was deep into the night and after making it to a slower moving part of the river and seeing no sign of Brad they made camp and we got a decent meal, something we hadn't had since the deer we shot was cooked to a good tenderness.  As we ate we asked the rescuers if they had seen or heard anything unusual while traveling here.  They responded that they hadn't and that maybe we were having hallucinations from the lack of nutrition.  We doubted that was the case, but didn’t say anything.  As we all went to bed that night the air was still and cold making me cold all the way to bone.  I thought of Brad out there and knew that I couldn’t leave him behind.  So just before dawn broke I grabbed a spare map and compass and made my way to find Brad by myself. 

The End

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