A Different Wilderness

My heart raced as we approached the bush. Could it possibly, by some miracle, be our lost friend Brad. I knew Colin was thinking the same thing. We stood, almost with our faces in the tall bush, and I whispered, "Brad?". There was a slight movement, which gave me hope. 

"Brad, it's Carter, it's fine". After another rustle in the bush, I was thrilled to see Brad emerge. I almost ran to give him a man-hug, but then, I became confused to see his current state. Given, we had spent 4 days in the wilderness, but Colin and I didn't look nearly as roughed up as our friend. His clothes were torn almost to shreds and it looked as if he had taken a good amount of mud baths. 

"Brad, what the hell happened to you?" Colin spat. Brad didn't say a word. He just stared at us. We stood there staring at each other for a long time. Then, all of a sudden, we heard a noise, a scream, and by the look on Colin's face, he was surprised to. We looked around to see where it came from. When we looked back to Brad, he was gone. 

The End

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