The Night

At first we need to stay alive. Brad may have found a way back to the civilization and is saved. I hope he has sent a rescue troop, if  not we have to find a way back to the civilization on our own.
Colin and I sit near the fire and stare into the flames. I thought about my family at home. My wife and my daughter at home dont't know what happened. They think everything is fine but it is not. It is probably better if they dont't know what is going on during the trip.

I said to Colin that I wanted to sleep. He said that he is hungry and we decided to start a small hunt early in the morning.

It was dark when Colin was waking me up. He said: Hi Brad, there is something. We can't see what it was because it was too dark and from our fire glowed just the coal. There was a rustle behind a bush. I was completely awake. Colin took the bow and started to go to the bush...

The End

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