Make-shift Hunger Games

Collin and I walked up the hills through the forest.  There was no point in trying to find Brad if we were starving and cold.

Over the next few hours, Collin and I did our best to create weapons. Luckily, I was already a skilled craftsman and was able to put together a bow and arrow in no time.  Collin and I walked through the trees just as we heard a rustle.  All of a sudden, a doe appeared.  Was it possible for me to shoot these shoddy arrows and actually catch a potential meal?  It was now or never to try!

I shot the arrow.  Somehow, miraculously, the arrow took her down.  We quickly ran over and sensed that she would only live for a few moments.  We waited until she had died before we took her to our make-shift campsite.  Tonight, there would be fire.  Perhaps Brad would see the smoke in the dimming daylight… We could only hope that either he was still alive or maybe someone had rescued him.  If someone had rescued him… then what about us?

The End

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