lost from the rest

As I aimlessly wandered I not only found my phone unable to find service and dying but I also I found my self completely lost and losing hope. The day was coming to an end and the temperatures were quickly dropping. The days events were easily enough to leave me exhausted. I was parched, hungry, tired, lost and friendless. I hadn't even thought about my friends just thinking about the possibilities of where they could be would be enough to leave me in panic. My mind was clearly wandering, and slowly but surely the wandering was putting me fast asleep. I curled up in a ball trying to get as comfortable as a could and just before I fell asleep I heard foot step. Although I was completely shocked I knew that the footsteps I heard could possibly be an animal, and making noise was never a smart idea. But then a heard a voice, a familiar voice too. "Carter? Brad? Is that you?" And yes I was Carter, and that was my best friend Colin Brown talking. I jumped up and started to follow Colin's voice, all i could think of was Brad and where in the world he could possibly be....

The End

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