The Journey Homeward

After being swept downstream during a vicious storm, this group wakes up safe, but with no clue as to their whereabouts.Not having ruby slippers to click doesn't help either. Will they ever find their out of this predicament?

The beginning chapter of this story was provided by the eminent raconteur Ratso Rousseau.

           I woke up with my stomach growling and my tongue parched from thirst. All of my clothing was damp from the morning dew, and there was a chill in the air. I went out in search of something to eat for breakfast and began to ask myself how I had gotten into this mess. How long had I been here? How would I ever get home? Will I be able to survive in this wilderness long enough to find my way back to civilization?

           Last week, two of my friends and I had started what was supposed to be a 12-day trek on the Appalachian Trail. We had been planning this trip for almost a year, carefully planning out where we would stop and get food and water along the trail and what equipment to bring. Three days into the trip, there was a horrible storm and the rivers rose to a level so high that we were swept away in the middle of the night, along with all of our gear. After that near death experience, we ended up in the middle of the wilderness with absolutely nothing except the clothes on our backs and the will to live.

The End

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