The Tiny Tareaway

In the morning I was woken by the sound of rased voices. Once I was fully conciouse I recognised it as Alice and a now 16 hour old Marion.

"Come on! You have got to let me change youre nappy!" Alice waas yelling sounding frustrated.

"NBo! It is embarrising" Marion was yelling back. Alice spluttered for about ten seconds then replied.

"Everybody youre age has to get it done." She tried to reason, "Otherwise you will stink and it will be even more embarased."

"Not with him in here." Marion compramised.

"Thats youre father!" Alice told her exasperated.

"He's a pedo," She shouted back.

"Oy, Thats no very nice...and you smell funnny," Matthew-Robert told her, offended.

"Well you smell like lemon and lime." She told him cheekily.

"Thats deoderant it's supposed to make me smell nice. Don't you talk to me like that either. Afterall I helped create you!"

"How did you create me?" She then asked her father curously.

"Thanks alot," Alice told Matthew-Robert, "Here I'll whisper it to you," She then told Marion.

I groaned and started to get up but Nathan, who was awake aswell, grabbed me and pulled me back down, covering any protests i had with a long kiss.

Five minutes later we hear a...

"Eww" From the roo  across the hall. "What you do that for? Thats disgusting." It was Marions reaction.

"Because we love each other." Alice and Matthew-Robert said together.

"Well I love you too but I don't want to do that."£ Marion said back.

"You don't have to, youre my daughter," Matthew-Robert told her exasperated.

"But you said you done it cause you love each other and I love you but thats disgusting. Do I have to stop loving you now?" Came Marians outraged cry.

"It's a different kind of love you dafty" Alice said whilst trying not to laugh. "Now get youre nappy cjanged." Marion meekly agreed.

Nathan and I looked at each other and then burst out laughing and didn't stop until Alice came bursting into the room.

"You better stop laughing or you can lose your arma." She yelled at us.

"Sorry." I chocked out as soon as I was able.

"You wait till you have yours." She thretend. She then stormed out her long red hair flying behind her.

The End

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