"The A.C.E Team," Matthew-Robert explained simply, his normally soft brown eyes suddenly taking on an angry reddish glow.

"That reminds me." Rosalie the said, "What are we going to do about them? We can't let them get away with it."

"We play rock, paper, scissors." Mary sais just as simply as Matthew-Robert had. All of us stared at her, stunned.

"Did she just speak?" Matthew -Robert and Alice asked in perfect synchronisation.

"It appears her brain is alot more developed than a normal child her age." Alexis told us coming through the door with Carlos right behind her.

"Whats that about the A.C.E. Team?" Carlos immediantly asked.

"They killed my sister," Matthew-Robert told him morosly.

"Wheres Mary?" Rosalie asked. I looked down then up. Then I looked outside...

"Sarah! Thats my daughter!" Rosalie screeched.

A black wolf was chasing a red squirrel around the garden. The squirell was still wearing Marys pink boots.

squirrel, squirrel! We heard echoed in our heads.

"What just...?" Alice asked, holding her screaming child in her arms.

"We all just heard Sarahs thoughts" Alexis told us.

"WELL GER HER AWAY FROM MY CHILD!" Rosalie shrieced. She then flitted outside ang grabbed the wolf by the tail and yanked hard.

The wolf howled in pain and turned on Rosalie, but was to slow. The fastest ever mother had grabbed her child, threw her in the air and started to transform. A large brown bear was growling over the now cowering wolf.

We watched in amazment as mother and child teamed up.

Mary, who was now a hawk, divebombed on the wolf and came back up with fur hanging out her mouth.

The wolf turned back. Sarahs shoulder was bleeding furiously. I could see the white bone sticking out of her now bare shouldeer.

"NO!" Joe yelled coming around the corner as seven vampires turned on Sarah.

I felt me fangs produce out of my mouth and my sight was blurred red. Every nerve in my body was focused on the blood pouring out of Sarahs shoulder.

"STOP," Same an angry, very young voice from the bed. I was distracted and turned to see Alices not even an hour old baby looking at us furiously. "Is this what you want my impression of this world to be? Because if this is what it is like I would like to go straight back into my mum and stay there." We stared in open mouthed astonishment .

"I don't know if i'm reliefed or shocked," gasped Sarah whilst ripping her top to create a makeshift bandage.

"I'd be in pain if I were you," Marion told us, looking sympathetically at Sarah. "Come here." She then commanded her. Sarah walked over to the baby and knelt down next to her. The baby told Sarah to hold her hand, Sarah did so. We all watched in amazement as the bleeding stopped and the skin quickly grew back leaving the tiniest hint of a scar.

"A healer!" Alice gasped coming back to the bed and picking up her child.

"She's even more than that." Alexis told us. "She has the mind of an eighteen year old. It grows two years a month."

I put my hand on my small bump and wondered what was happening to my child.

"You had better go and find something to drink" Alexis told Nathan and I, I looked up at Nathan and pressed my lips to his. We walked back to the big house and went to our room.

The End

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