A new arrival

"It's coming!" Alice was yelling. Rosalie handed a month old Mary to me and then ran out the roo to help Alice.

"Watch out," Alexis said to me suddenly.

"Why?" I asked her confused but before she could reply Mary was a hedgehog. I scowled and then said bunnyrabbit.

The hedgehogs spikes turned in and changed colour to brown. it changed shape and a white fluffy tail produced out the end.

"Good bunny." I told her. She turned back to human and did something I did not expect from a 4 week old baby.

"I'm telling mummy you made me a bunnyrabbit." She told me. In my surprise and shock I almost dropped her.

"Rosalie?" I asked once i recalled how to speak.  " Mary can talk!"

"What? Shes four weeks old," I heard Rosalies stunned voice answer me.

"Mummy? Maria made me a bunnyrabbit," Mary complained.

Rosalie walked into the room and looked at me to Mary and back again.

"Why did you turn her into a bunny?" She asked me. I couldn't reply. I was still to stunned.

"OY! Wheres my baby?" We heard Alice rebly. Rosalie turned around and ran through to the spare room which we are using as a nursing home. I walked after her, holding Mary in my arms.

"A baby girls!" Alice was exclaiming. Mathew-Robert bent bent down and gave Alice and the baby a hug.

"Shes going to be called Marion," Alice sid. "After Mathew-Roberts deceaced sister.

"Deceaseded?  I asked, curiously making me momentarily forget Rosalies talking baby. "What happened?"

The End

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