For the next month Sarah, Alexis and I had morning sickness daily. On the 21st April Rosalie gave birth to a bouncy baby girl named Mary. Alice started to get grumpy and so she was not allowed to see Mary very much. I spent as much time as I could away from the warewolfs. I kept with the mindreader and her wizard. I found them fascinating.

I also tended to find time to hang out with Rosalie and her child. Mary had an exact copy of her dads greasy, black hair. Her eyes changed from baby blue to her mothers grassy green. She was a fast developer and by the age of three weeks she could change into any animal she wanted.

Alice developed a craving of yanking a strand of hair off someone and would then sit there and eat it. Once she grabbed one of Mary who in turn transformed into a bear. Alice got the fright of her life!

Sarah tended to roam around the hills in wolf form chasing birds, rabbits, moles, squirrels and any animal she saw.

Alexis seemed to develop the ability to send thoughts to others. It became annoying not knowing which thoughts were yours and which were hers.;

I started to turn into any animal what-so-ever at any given interval.

The End

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