Some facts and a surprise

"This place here is supposed to be where the first child of our ancestors was born!" I was listening to the shapeshifter, Rosalie, in stony silence as she told us the history of this place. "Marlos, the wizard, had fallen deeply in love with a human woman called Isobelle. He wanted his child to be more human and so he picked up a bit of metal and charmed it so that if any of our species touched some metal..."

"Can you tell us stuff we don't know?" I interupted as I knew this story and how it ended.

"Alexis does not know it," Nathan told me. He got up from where he was sitting and came to sit next to me. He placed his hand on my stomach, smiled, and then kissed me. I got distracted which Rosalie took as an allowal to continue.

"If our species touched metal we become as weak as a human child. Marlos didn't want his child to be weak so he said that the longer the metal was kept on us then the more human we became. We would just become a strong human being.

"The shapeshifter, vampire and mindreader could not make a baby and so Marlos then created a house in which if anyone tried to have one whilst in it's walls then they would become pregnant."

"Aww there is going to be a new baby in the house!" Sarah said. I loked from Rosalie to Nathan to his hand on my stomach.

"And no-body thought to tell me?" I asked, not sure what emotions were running through my mind.

"We are pregnant as well," Rosalie and Alice said together. They pulled there loose T-shirts tight and I saw that Rosalie was about eight months pregnant and Alice was about seven.

"So i'm going to have a child?" I tried to clear up as I felt a surge of exitment through my body. I had thought about having a child. Nathan and I had thought about it before but it wouldn't work.

"So are I and Sarah" Alexis told me. My eyes widened and then went up in my head and I fainted.

The End

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