Temper Tantrum

The next morning Nathan and I joined the others in Rosalie and Aidans living room.

"I here you are vampires and Shapeshifters?" Aidan quiestioned me and Nathann. Nathen gave me a quick peck on the cheek and began to tell our lifestory.

"Maria and I were born Shapeshifters. We met each other over ahundred years ago under not very good circumstances and the only way to get out was to allow the A.C.E. Team to experimant on us.

"Having Amelia to think about, Maria said yes. I took one look at her and decided I wanted to be with her through it.

"Next thing I remember is waking up in a strange house with a very strong urge to drink blood. Maria, who had already woken up and figured out what happened, she had a bag of blood ready. I took it but before I could finish it, she had distracted me."

"Like last night?" Sarah asked me snickering.

I felt rage building in my viens and a snarl ripped up my throat and out my mouth. I lunged but before I could change or rip her throat out, Nathan had grabbed me and was yelling at someone to put some metal on my skin. I snarled an ear peircing shriek as the metal touched my skin and rendered me as weak as a baby.

"I'm sorry love, but you would regret it later." Nathan whispered in my ear as all my energy left me.

"Then let me regret it, It'll be my fault" I whimpered back. He only laughed and when my anger left me, he got Alexis to take the metal of me. I got up and left the room. I shut my brain down, concentrated on a bluetit, and by the time the rest had got out of the house a small blue bird was flying away.

The End

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