A shapeshifter and three vampires

Once Nathan and I got up North we quickly found Amelia, Steven, Sarah, Joe, the wizard and his girl. We the all walked forward. The wizards' girl telling us their story.

"Carlos, the prick he is, is a magician he is the son of the wizard voldemort but he is not as evil as he is. I met him when Voldemort captured me to see if he can take my mindreading powers away. Carlos basically saved my life."

I stared at her. Trying to keep my thoughts quiet. We rounded the corner and saw a small bungalow. The door slammed open and a large black wolf bounded out, snarling and showing her teeth. A tall greasy, black hired vampire came out and crouched infront of the wolf. I could see the wolf glaring in annoyance at the vampire.

A tall fiery haired women then stepped out, tying a black housecoat around her. She looked from the wolf to the vampire to us and then to the door where a young man was stepping out tying a small grey and black towel around his legs.

"Matthew-Robert how dare you come out looking like that?" The female screeched at the male.

"you're not much better," He defende himself whilst backtracking into the house from her glare.

"It's alright Rosalie," Sarah said stepping forward to the vampire and the wolf. "we're all like you. Well you already know Joe and I are."

I looked away as the wolfs' fur and snout went back into her body and a peachy white skinned female stood up as I looked back.

"Sarah! I missed you so much!" She yelled as she ran up to her.

We all jumped as we heard a resounding slap echoe around the clearing I turned to see the wizards wife pull her hand back and to see Carlos putting his already glowing hand over his bright red cheek.

"Stop thinking of beds. I can't concentrate," She yelled.

"Sorry Alexis." He said back to her guiltily.

"I suppose." She said back reluctantly.

"Come on in." Rosalie told us. We all followed her into a large sitting room. Upstairs we could hear the other two vampires bickering.

"We own another bigger house around  the corner at the back which you can all use" The vampire told us, sitting next to Rosalie, he put his arms aound her and pressed his lips to her ear. Behind me I felt Nathan lean his chinon my brown hair.

"Thank you," I said

"Do you mind if we go and see it?" Nathan added.

"Yeah sure," Rosalie and, who I later learned was called Aidan, said simultaniously. On our way out I looked at Alexis and felt meself blush as I saw a glint in her eye.

The End

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