A reluctant agreement

My eyes widened as I saw two warewolfs talkin to Steven and Amel. I walked over to them as Nathan boltd past and stood protectivly infront of them.

"Maria! This is Sarah and her boyfriend Joe." Amelia told me.

"Well can we go now?" I asked as I had just heard someone calling the A.C.E. Team.

"Yeah sure2 Nathan, Amelia, Sarah Joe and Steven all said at once. I scowled and turned around. I could hear the others following as Nathan caught up to me and put his arm around my shoulders.

"They are trying t run aswell. They know another shapeshifter called Rosalie. Shes with a vampire called Aidan. We can team together and try to find the ship our ancestors lostand go back home" He said in a rsh.

"Can we kiss now?" I asked him as I was feeling very lost and alone. e happily obliged.

"So where does Rosalie and Aidan generally stay?" I asked Je later, once we were out of the city.

"The North of Scotland" he told me.

"Can you get there ian hour?" Nathan asked them.

"Probably an hour and ten" Sarah replied.

"Fine. See you all there" I said. Steven and Amelia took of. I looked back to Sarah and Joe but where they had stood three seconds ago there were two wolfs. A pitch black and a reddish brown. They looked at us and then vanished in a blur over the hill.

I locked lips with Nathan the groaned in annoyance as I heard a twig snap from behind us.

"You idiot" A yung female voice snarled.

"It wasnt me it was these stupid shoes you made me wear! I told you we could of used magic"

"You rely on magic to much" The female replied. Two teens then walkedover to us. I could here the racing heart of the mal and knew instinctivly that he was a majician.

I looked over at Nathan who  could see was preparing to change. I started to close y emind off but the young female interupted me.

"Don't bother. We're trying to find the ship as well. We can meet you up North." She then looked up at the tall dark haired wizard who blinked and looked downat her.

"What? Oh! I'm allowed to teleport! Yeay" He said back with an exitened glint in his brown eyes.

He put his strong arms aroung her, clod his eyes and in a brilliant white flash, vanished.

"Tie to go" Nathan said to me. Five minutes later two cheetas were running at full speed to the North.

The End

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