The Warewolfs Move In

We have been running for so long now Joe and me have. We have to before we hut someone. Being warewolfs does that to us. We change whenever we are angry and that is half the time. We have stopped in a small town because we spotted the A.C.E Teams' helicopters at the city we were headed for. We felt sorry fot whichever supernaturals were being caught this time.

We split up so we would have more time of finding food. We agreed, after a long argument to meet at the bottom of the church tower.

Joe turned around and the last I saw of him, before he vanished into the crowds, was his short Spikey brown hair.

I turned to the right automatically once i heard someone say my name.

"Sarah?" It was a young mum. Her little five year old girl came rushing over to her.

I felt a pang of guilt as I remember how I lost my mum because I was overcome by rage. Her screams of fear and agony echoed in my ears as I entered the nearest food shop. I backed out immediently as I smelled two vampires.

"Steven I smell a warewolf nearbye" The small bouncy female vampire was telling the male vvampire whom I presumed was called Steven.

I backed up and then followed them. Ten minutes later after stopping at a few more shops, They were at the bottom of the tower. Joe came up behind them and tapped the male on the shoulder.

"Joe!" I yell running up to them "Get away from them there Vamp-" Before I could finish the younger one had came up behind me and placed a hand over my mouth. I shot back a snarl

"Dont let anyone know. The A.C.E. Team are wathcing us." She told me. I reluctantly nodded and moved over to get a hug andf kiss from Joe

The End

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