The beggining

The t.v was on but I was not paying any attention to it. Instead I was paying full attention to my Fiancé, Nathan. We were locked together in a passionate Kiss.

When the door was slammed open, with enough force To shake the whole room, I looked up with a glare to see my younger sister staring at us with her eyes wide.

"The A.C.E Team has surrounded us. They heve helicopters above which have orders to shoot anything which moves. The humans around the house can shoot anything that moves as well."She gasped as soon as she caught her breath. Just then, Steven came in and placed his body protectivly behind his wife as we heard the front door be knocked down and a bunch of humans started climbing the Stairs.

"Whats the time?" I quickly asked Steven who always knew what the time was.

"Its 2 o'clock, sun goes down in five hours and ten minutes" he told me automatically. I groaned as they are not strong enough to get out till night.

"Just go without us," Amelia told us, she had turned around and had her arms around Steven. "We will be fine"

I gave her such a look, she never thought of telling me that again.

"You remember Doctor Who?" I asked Nathan. He looked confused but nodded, "Turn our version of weeping Angel" I saw realization dawn on his face as I stood myself infront of the door and turned my brain right down. I brought up the part of my brain that allows me to shapeshift. I then gave it the image of a weeping grey Angel. I vaguely felt my bones and skin turn hard before I opened my now stone grey eyes. Amelia and Steven had closed there eyes so, without looking at each other, Nathan and me each took hold of a Vampire. I then felt my whole being change into nothingness and I took us out of the building. Right past the humans, who did not see a thing.

Once we were outside and 8 miles away, Nathan and I gave our minds power again and when we opened our eyes we were human in shape again. All of us sighed in relief as we entered the town we had stopped infront of.

We split up, Amelia with Steven and me with Nathan. We agreed to meet at the bottom of the very visible church spiral.

The End

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