Warning: Selene and Elijah get a bit naughty in this chapter


Behind the door is what looks like an entrance foyer. A large staircase is directly in front of us, leading to a canopy. To the right is a large, dark wooden door, and directly opposite it to the left is another large door.

To each side of the staircase, a large arch stands in the wall. As one, we all enter the door to the right. Inside is a large, light brown formal seating area. Two large sofas face each other in the centre of the room over a light brown coffee table. To the back of the room, under a large window showing views of the beach outside, is a nice, sturdy looking bookcase, filled to the brim with books.

We all turn and enter the door to the left of our entrance. This room is a much conifer looking sitting room. With a light brown carpet and white walls. Two sofas and three double seaters face each other in a large circle. The window in this room shows grassy fields as far as the eye can see. We split up once we leave the sitting room.

Trixie and Carlos taking the stairs along with Sarah and Lazarus. Dawn and Eric take the left archway and Elijah and I take the right. A door meets us directly opposite the hall, inside is a small bathroom. The next door along leads to a small kitchen with a table to fit two.

Next to that is another sitting room, this one with a larger bookcase more portraits over the walls.

The final door in this side refuses to open and so, slightly disgruntled, we turn and head for the left archway. The first door here, is a small child's bedroom. Kitted with a small, white bed, bright yellow walls adorned with pictures of animals. I gasp, staring around the room until Elijah drags me out.

We begin to head into the next room, Elijah before me when Dawn and Eric step out of he door at the end.

"Selena!" Dawn exclaims after seeing me. I smile at her. "That's just a bathroom." She tells me as Elijah walks back out, nodding to confirm what she said.

"What else is in this hallway?" He asks her, closing the door.

"Two more kids rooms, a guest bedroom and a sitting room." She answers, starting to walk towards us.

"What's in the other hall?" Eric asks once they reach us and we all begin to head out.

"A bathroom, a kitchen and a sitting room. The last door wouldn't open." I answer. We pause at the bottom of the stairs, looking up.

"Do you reckon we can go up?" Dawn asks as I place a foot on the bottom step.

"Uh yes?" I answer, pulling myself up to the next Step. "We were allowed untitled he house."

"I suppose" she slowly replies, nervously starting up the stairs after me. Elijah and Eric follow us, murmuring quietly.

"We're going left." Eric tells us as we reach the top of the stairs. I nod and turn to the right. The stairs lead to a large hallway, a sitting area directly in front of it. Four doors head each side of the balcony. Dawn and Eric have disappeared into the first door on the left and so Elijah leads me to the one on the right.

"This is ours." I say as we step in.

The room is a bedroom. It has a simple, deep red bed in it with whit sheets, three different shades of red running down it. In one corner is another bookcase with a cosy dark brown loveseat. In the other corner sits a simple dark red wooden crib with a pure white mattress

. "Let's make it so." Elijah grins, closing the door behind us and pulling me towards him, placing his lips on mine.

It doesn't take me long to respond, my hands reaching up to ruffle his short black hair. He picks up my light body, walks for a bit, never separating our lips, and deposits me on the bed.

Only then does he part lips with mine. Bit only for the seconds it takes to pull my top over my head. I giggle as he licks my lips with his tongue, requesting permission to enter.

I allow it, Parting my lips. We pull apart again so as I can pull his top off of him, grinning as I run my fingers over his muscly chest, light hairs ticking the palm of my hands. With a sigh, he pulls away and grabs the buttons on my jeans, quickly unfastening them and pulling my legs out. He them pulls his own trackie trousers of, we are both left in only our underwear.

I leap forward, replacing my lips on his, allowing him to push me back down on the bed, leaning lightly on top of me as we kiss, my tongue enters his mouth, tasting him and treading him. He groans, suddenly frustrated and quickly leans up slightly to remove my knickers, smirking as he does so. I pout as he removes his own boxers.

I had wanted to do that. But them I remove my bra, allowing it to slide down, showing him what fully belongs to me as he does the same.

"Amo te semper." He whispers, his eyes taking me in as his manhood jumps, ready to fill me.

"Amo te in aeternum." I reply, locking my lips back on his as he leans down, chocolate brown eyes filling my own.

The End

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