Carlos' spell quickly deposited us in another seaside place, I immediately pull by fleece closer around me as the freezing sea air attacks my skin. 

"That's not something you experience everyday," the Tenebrarum, Selena, murmers as she shivers, standing closer to her protector, Elijah. 

"I'm blind!" The childlike Sanguis screeches, holding her eyes. Her mate, Eric rolls his eyes, chuckling at her. 

'This is The House? It's so much smaller than I imagined it,' the maple Lupa, Lazarus thinks, standing protectively infront of his own mate, Sarah. 

'Oh my word! It's real!' Sarah thinks, staring at the small cottage in front of us. 'I never actually thought...' 

I roll my eyes and turn to Carlos, "are we allowed to enter or are we all gonna stand here and freeze to death?" I ask him, he looks at me oddly. 

'Why are you asking me?' He asks through his thoughts, I roll my eyes at his stupidly then smack him on the back of his head. 'Your the last Venifici, it is your house by rights.' I answer, projecting my thoughts into his head. 

His light, sparkling eyes widen as he stares at it, I pull out of his head, these thoughts are private. Instead, I turn to Selena. 

"How much were you taught before your parents died?" I ask her. She takes a step back and anger flickers into her features. "Sorry!" I quickly add, smiling apologetically, "I'm not good with socializing," 

She smiles slightly at me, 'god, Legimus really are kinda creepy,' she thinks, I step back, hurt exploding in my chest at the thoughts, Carlos, sensing my distress, walks over to me and pulls me to him, I can sense him glaring at Selena. 

"Sorry, I didn't mean that, it was an instinctual thought," she tells me, in attaching herself from Elijah and stepping towards me, her thoughts scarily blank. 

"She's Selena, she never thinks before speaking." Dawn says, smirking, Selena turns and glares at her, 'my god I hate her sometimes!' I hear her think. 

"I didn't speak, I thought," Selena hisses back before turning back to me. "Look, Trixie, I am sorry for that, my parents are a touchy subject." 

"I know, I'm sorry too," I reply. She sticks her hand out towards me, her expression wide and open. 


I freeze. Never in all my years has anyone ever wanted to be my friend. And here, a complete stranger whom my partner almost killed, is offering all I have ever dreamed of. A large smile makes it's presence known on me as I take her slightly cold hand, she beams back at me. 

"Are we going in?" Carlos asks from behind me, completely ruining the moment. 

"Course!" I answer happily, bounding from my new friend to be with my partner as he enters his ancestral home. 

Directly inside the front door, we are met with a warm, cozy red sitting room, three two seated couches, each a dark, mud brown sitting around a large, very old looking fireplace, portraits hang on the walls of the original Venifici, all tall, and regal looking. The wooden walls are painted a deep red, with a dark brown door heading of directly opposite the one we just entered. 

"Wow," Carlos murmers, eyeing the portrait directly above the fire place. Underneath, on a golden plaque reads; 'Ensio Venifici, may the power within dictate them all' I turn to look at Carlos who steps towards the painting, a slight smile under his awed eyes. 

I then walk past him, towards the fire place, grab a match and light some of the logs held within, immediately, they catch and a warm, reddish glow fills the room, the other six, the Lupa, Sanguis, Tenebrarum and the sinctus, are looking around as well, Selena's eyes are on the other door, 'is that where - can I really? Is this-' her thoughts are a jumbled mess, but all leading to one thing, she wants a child. And badly. 

My hand immediately travels up and lays across the slight bulge in my lower stomach. If the legends are true, she could have one here, despite the cruelties against the Tenebrarum, she could create a new life never seen before. A second generation Tenebrarum, with the powers of the original Venifici. 

Carlos suddenly spins around and looks at us all, one by one. 

"Sit down." He orders, his voice strong, commanding. The voice of a Venifici. 

We all do, the Lupa taking the seat on the left if the fireplace, Dawn, Eric and Elijah squeeze onto the one on the right, leaving the middle seat for Selena and I. She fake glares at her mate before rolling her eyes and sitting down, I get up and join her, we all look at my Carlos. 

"The legends surrounding this house are, to an extent, true." He begins, stepping from the portrait and watching us all. 

"To an extent?" Selena asks, I can feel the depression rising in her and reach over to place a hand in hers. 

"You have to have the blessing of a living Venifici." He answers her, hope quickly surpasses Selena's depression. And a slight brush finds itself on both Dawn and Sarah's cheeks. 

"On the account that I, myself am going to be father to a Tenebrarum, I hereby grant my blessing to each one of you to bear child with the gifts of a Venifici." 

One second, Selena is sitting next to me, her grass green eyes sparking, the next she has bounded up to my Carlos and has her arms wrapped around him, about a million thank you's escaping her lips a second. I giggle before getting up to rescue my husband from her embrace but Elijah beats me to it, placing his hands on her shoulders and lightly pulling her away, reluctantly she does so, still repeating thank you over and over again. 

"Sorry about that," Elijah half smiles at Carlos, rolling his eyes slightly as Selena leans into him, sobs starting to shake her body, a large grin on her face as she hides in her husbands chest. Carlos just shakes his head, smiling slightly. 

"I'd be a right git if I didn't allow you two to have a child, plus, I'm curious on what the child will be like." He answers, nodding towards the door at the opposite side of the room. "The main part of the house is through there." He then adds as he puts his arm around my back and starts to walk towards it, behind us, the others follow. 

'A baby. I'm going to have a baby. A real proper baby. We are having a real baby.' Selena's thoughts are screaming at me as she follows behind and I smile happily, her own happiness, excitement and hope filling me up with her.

The End

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