Oh for heavens sake! I think as the Venifici's flames detach themselves from his wrists and fly straight towards me. I turn and duck, the heat of the flame roaring past my face at the narrow miss.

"Ever heard of asking questions first?" I ask as yet another flame ball finds itself headed straight for my face. This time, Elijah jumps in front of me, pushing me to the side then grimacing as the flames hit his back. 

"Under the law of the Originals ruling, all Tenebrarums must be killed on sight," the Venifici snarls as he hurls yet another flame at me. 

Hissing in pain as the edges of the flame catch my arm, I allow the familiar tingle to take over, the image of a large, fantasy dragon in my head. 

He spits another round of fire at me witch my now ebony scaled body absorbs. The Venifici's eyes widen in surprise and he ceases his attacks on me, instead turning to my family. 

"Why are you aiding a Tenebrarum. It is a crime punishable by death." He states calmly, I spread out my wings, protecting my family and, incidentally, the two Lupa, from him. "And you, Lupa, I would have thought you low enough, nether mind siding with a half breed like that!" 

"We all have the same goal," Sarah says back, her soft voice carrying over my wing, "to keep away from S.E.A.D." 

"Carlos, STOP!" A new voice calls from the woods around us, causing the Venifici to pause, turning to face the forest. 

A small, elegant, ginger haired woman steps through, her eyes on mine and mine only. 

"She isn't like the others'" she tells Carlos, "she only kills when necessary." She reaches up, placing a hand on the guys shoulder witch visibly relaxes him. 

"And how, exactly, would you know that?" Elijah asks from behind me, his voice laden with suspicion. 

"I am a Legimus," she answers. In my shock, I suddenly transform back, gaping open mouthed at her. She can read, control and manipulate the minds of those around her. 

"But they're extinct." Eric states tactfully. 

"Humans held us all, they didn't kill us, they experimented and bred us like test rats!" She snarls, removing her hand from Carlos' Shoulder and clenching it at her side. 

"Carlos Here got me out, we've been on the run since..." She now unclenches her hand, instead rubbing it against her stomach, a soft, dreamlike expression crossing her face. 

"You-" I ask her, my eyes flicking to her stomach, envy filling me, boiling my blood. He was going to kill me for being a Tenebrarum and yet, here he is, with a Tenebrarum growing in his mate!

"Yeah, four weeks along, yet I look like I'm 4 months along, part of the Venifici genes," she smiles. I turn my envy and anger onto him. 

"So what? You gonna kill your kid when it's born?" I ask, hate filling me. 

"No! I would never!" He exclaims back, looking shocked. 

"That child is a Tenebrarum. I am a Tenebrarum. What's the difference?" I ask him, taking a step forward but a hand over my shoulder stops me. 

"Selena, calm down." Elijah whispers into my ear, stepping behind me and encasing me in a hug. 

"It's not his fault," the female says quietly, "he was brought up on all the old customs, all the laws. He had a rough childhood." 

"A rough childhood!?" Dawn snarls from behind me, "did he watch his parents being slaughtered by humans at ten years old!?" 

"Let's not being this up," Lazarus says from the back, quietly watching the exchange. "I think we can all agree we have the same motive, to escape the Humans. Why don't we all travel together?" 

I turn my gaze on him, pulling out if Elijah's embrace, "you want to travel with a Venifici?" I ask him wide eyed. 

"Not particularly. I want to get over our races' stupid superstitions. I want us to team together and rid of the humans once and for all." 

"Lazarus," Sarah starts, hugging his arm, looking between him and Carlos. 

"I'd love to, I want a girl to talk to, I'm Trixie by the way," the girl says, I turn back to her, she has taken a step towards us, a look of hope on her face. 

"Six of us was conspicuous enough, never mind eight, all traveling in the same direction." I say, looking towards Carlos. 

"You forget, he's a Venifici," Trixie grins, "he can just teleport us all to The House," 

I turn to look at Elijah who is slowly nodding his head, "we will be much more protected if we have a Legimus and Venifici with us." He murmurs to me, reluctantly, I have to agree. 

"All right. What's the worst that can happen?" I ask, turning with a tight smile to Trixie who beams and walks towards me. 

"If Selena says it's okay, so do I." Dawn says from behind me. 

"I go wherever Dawn goes." Eric states right after her. 

"We go with the strongest." Lazarus says for her and Sarah. 

"Thank you," Trixie beams, standing right in front of me, she leans in so her mouth is at my ear, "Carlos has been driving me nuts, I need some girl time." 

Before I can help myself, a laugh escapes my mouth, the first proper laugh I have had since my parents died. 

"I believe we could be good friends," I say to Trixie as a white light envelopes us all and the clearing vanishes into thick, blinding fog.

The End

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