It was a long day, waiting on Dawn and Eric awakening. When, eventually, they did, they both immediately crouched and hissed at the two newbies. 

"Dawn, it's okay," I begin. 

"They're safe. They aren't going to harm us." Elijah says at the same time. 

"They're Lupa, they trust no one but their pack." Eric hisses, his front teeth elongating, two long, sharp fangs sticking out his upper lip as his dark blue eyes begin to brighten to a deep red. Sarah rolls her eyes from her position behind a crouching Lazarus. 

"I thought we'd been over the prejudices, you are hanging around with a Tenebrarum for heavens sake!" Lazarus complains, his body remaining as tight as a spring. 

"She's my sister!" Dawn hisses, her own eyes glinting red. 

"Look," Elijah tries, the four on alert adults turned their near identical glares on him. "Let's all just calm down. We all have the same goal-"

"We don't kill any other Supe we meet!" Dawn hisses angrily. 

"Rapt least we have loyalty!" Sarah hisses back with equal venom. "Enough to not slaughter our own family!" Sarah's eyes flicker over to mine. 

"She's my older sister." Dawn informs them, "my older full sister. We haven't killed any Supe, ever." 

"Well your heading right for it now, aren't you?" Lazarus asks plainly, but his anger has left him, he relaxes slightly. Dawn turns her anger to me. 

"How could you trust a Lupa Selena!?" Betrayal shows in her face threw the anger. 

"I am just as prejudiced against as them, Dawn. And we are all running from S.E.A.D. The least we can do is help each other." I answer calmly, watching as Eric calms down, as well as Sarah but Dawn remains tense, flicking her gaze from me to Lazarus. 

"We are not a pack, we are a coven." She says. I roll my eyes. 

"And what's the difference? A pack, a Coven, they are both families. People who stick together, who help each other out." 

"Lupa can not be together with Sanguis." 

"Well now they can." I say in a tone of finality. 

"Can we go now? We are wasting time." Lazarus asks, standing up fully. 

"They need some blood first," I answer, then we can all set off. Sarah's eyes narrow. 

"No, we won't kill the humans we feed from." Eric answers the unasked quiestion. Guilt yet again tears up in me. I killed the landlord because he was a witness. Dawn and Eric, the actual Sanguis who need blood, are able to hold back on killing. 

"Be quick." Elijah says as Eric and Dawn step out the little hut. 

In ten minutes time, we are ready to leave. Dawns skin is pinker, healthier, her short curly pure black hair holding a bounce in it again. 

Eric looks taller, more powerful than before. With a nod, we set off north, Elijah and I switching into two crows, Sarah and Lazarus going into their wolf forms and Dawn and Eric running alongside them. 

While running, Sarah, Lazarus. Dawn and Eric stick to woods, allowing us brief glimpses of them as we fly above, two black blurs in the sky, barely noticeable to the slowly sleeping human forms below. 

We continue north until the sky begins to lighten. As the stars vanish and the sky turns pink, we slow down, Elijah and I circling until we find a clearing in the middle of the trees. 

"How far have we gone?" I ask as my beak forms back into human lips and nose. 

"Another days travel and we will be their," Sarah answers as she also switches back to human, collapsing on the ground. Dawns runs into the clearing at that point, heading straight towards me and stopping centimeters from sending me flying backwards. Eric charges into the clearing, spots Dawn then collapses on the dew wet grass and wails. 

"Ha!" Dawn exclaims, turning to grin at her husband, "told you I would win!" 

I roll my eyes at them, children

"You cheated!" He complains. 

"Did not!" 

"Did too! You had a head start!" 

"Did not! We started at the same time! Your just a sore loser." Dawn finishes, sticking her tongue out at him. Sarah and Lazarus are staring at them in astonishment, eyes wide, mouths slightly open. 

"Can you two act your age, for one day?" I ask with a sigh as Elijah face palms. 

"There's no point growing up if you can't act a little childish sometimes,*" Dawn snarks back with a lopsided grin. 

"Is this a normal occurrence?" Lazarus asks quietly, staring between us with wide eyes. 

"Unfortunately, yes," I tell him, shaking my head at the pair. 

Suddenly, Dawn and Eric stand up, all joking gone as they spin around, glaring at the trees around us. 

"What is it?" I whisper to them, eying the suddenly dark and ominous looking trees. 

"We're surrounded," Dawn hisses just as quietly, them, both Sanguis turn to stare at the same spot, directly in front of Elijah and I 

A tall, light skinned man walks out, hands raised in fists above his chest, dark red flames encircling the flesh. The six of us gasp. 

A Venifici. 

*if you don't recognize the quote, we can't be friends.

The End

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