After an indecipherable time swimming, the small form of my sister, Dawn, begins swimming towards the surface, our husbands' and I follow quickly behind having learnt long ago to trust her judgement.

I switch from the salmon form I had used for the swim and back into my more comfortable human one just as we hit the surface.

"How far have we swam?" Elijah's deep voice asks as he breaks the surface, looking towards Dawn but it is Eric whom answers him.

"Not sure of the specifics but we are in the waters around the UK."

"We traveled that far!" Dawn exclaims as we begin to tread the water towards the shimmering dock in the distance.

"We were running on adrenalin." I inform her, "Ireland to Britain isn't that far, the last time we went from Russia to France in under two hours."

"That one was too close. They were literally at our back door," Elijah states, from the corner of my eye, I see him shiver. A shiver which we all know has nothing to do with the cold of the water.

"How do they keep finding us though? We hide our tracks well," Dawn complains, "but we still can't stay in one place for any longer than a month."

"We will just have to be more careful here. Keep our heads down." I say for the millionth time.

"Yeah, we do that and they still find us, I hate the new technology's humans are creating, our life is getting way to hard," Dawn answers me angrily.

"We'll just find a small town this time, make friends with the Humans instead of blocking them off. It might help." Eric decides; to wich the three of us agree.

The rest of the one hour swim is spent in silence. We reach the shore as the previously dark sky begins to turn a lighter blue, light shades of pink beginning to peak the surface. We need to find shelter. And fast.

Treading through the seaweed infested sand, we find a small fishers hut across the road. Hoping it's unoccupied, we head directly towards it, the light of the next day chasing us forwards.

Reaching the hut, Eric is the first to try the door wich, miraculously, is open. We all rush in and slam the door behind us just as the sun peeks over the sea.

Inside the hut, stale, dusty, old air meets our lungs as we move about the single room, closing all windows and securing our safety for the day.

Once the entire room is deemed safe by Eric; him and Dawn lie on the floor in the back corner, leaving a sleepy Elijah and I to keep guard.

"You sure you don't want to sleep?" I ask my husband once the other two sets of lungs had ceased moving.

"Unknown territory. I can't." He answers, looking at me through the dull light available in the hut.

"You wanna go out and scout the place, then?" I ask him, I notice the eagerness in his expression but he hides it quickly with one of worry.

"No, I better stay. You go." He tells me, looking away.

"I'll be fine. I'm not tired. Go ahead and check the place out," I argue back, narrowing my eyes slightly.

"Four eyes are better than two," he tries to counter, but I can tell his heart isn't in it.

"And two of them being up in the air will be much better than four sitting ducks in here." I can tell I won him over, he opens his mouth but shuts it and eagerness causes his brilliant brown eyes to light up.

"Alright. I'll stay close." He says as he gets up and walks over to me.

Leaning down, he places a kiss on my lips.

"Amo te semper*" he murmurs as he gets back up and heads towards the door.

"Amo te in aeternum*" I reply as he opens the door and walks out.

I turn back to the room, looking at my sister and brother-in-laws dead forms.

Despite the lack of prejudice against me, I do not spite my sister for being the full Sangui she is. I do not sleep like them, I sleep much like a human, able to wake up and defend myself. I am also, unlike them, able to eat human food and do not rely on blood to stay out in the sunlight.

A surge of guilt rushes through me as I remember the taste of the Landlord on my lips, I didn't need him as much as they do. I, being a Tenebrarum, am perfectly able to go out in the sunlight without assistance. They should have had him. I should have kept my temper in check.

I am a hybrid. With both Sangui and Sinctus genes running threw my veins. Thus, although I can only feed on blood, I can sleep normally like a Human, can change my form into any animal and walk in the sun freely. It was a miracle I was born, I should have died in the womb due to the clash of genes, but I didn't. By some unknown reason, I managed to survive both genes and be born.

Elijah, however, I do slightly envy. He is a full Sinctus, like my father was. He doesn't need blood at all and can easily pass as a Human.

I sigh as I sense my thoughts turning to darker pasts again, but I do nothing to stop it. I haven't had a chance to sit and just think in ages.

All of our life's we have been on the run. But, it was by running that I met Elijah.

I still remember. It was only a couple days after Dawn and I had witnessed our parents deaths. Dawn was still traumatized, unable to speak or feed, getting weaker by the day and I was barely holding it together, a twelve year old girl caring for her sister whilst also dealing with the loss of her parents and remaining on the run from the government.

He was a strong, confident seeming fourteen year old, who came out of no where and saved Dawn and I from certain death. I felt like he was our savior from heaven; and so we tagged along and he took us in. Five years after that I found I had fallen in love with him. I smile as I remember when I finally realised what my feelings towards him were. I had been terrified, I had no mother to tell me what was happening, I had had to stumble around my words, trying to tell him. I don't know who was more mortified, him or me.

The door squeaking back open interrupted me from my musing, going, instead, on high alert as a small, white boot comes into view.

Elijah had been wearing black boots.

*Elijah says to Serena "love you always"

*serena replies with "love you forever"

The two have been saying this to each other since their wedding.

The End

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