Selena is on the run. Her and her family are being chased by the government. At the same time, Selena gets pregnant. How will she survive being on the run as well as looking after a family?
And to top it all off, Selena and her family are not at all human...

I'm standing in the middle of a dark, stony bridge. Watching the river below flow steadily out towards the sea distant sea.

My gaze switches from the water below and up towards the distant moon shining dully behind misty clouds.

The cold breeze bites through my multiple layers of clothes, settling on my already pale skin. The smell of my last meal, still clearly evident on the remains of the large carcass in my hands. Loosely, I release my hold on the overweight body and allow it to drop with a thick splash into the cold waters below.

I watch emotionlessly as the blonde haired body of my old landlord floats, much like a rag doll, down the river. His small, pudgy, dead face staring up at the sky, not seeing it, but staring non-the-less.


Turning away from the lifeless body of Mr Puck, I watch as my sister, brother-in-law and husband walk up to me, concern barely written on their faces. I lift my arm and wipe the quickly drying blood from my mouth, smiling at my family.

"They're coming, they know where we are." My husbands remark immediately causes my smile to vanish, replaced with terror as my gaze flips back to the now far away body.

"We have to run. Now." I tell them before jumping onto the rough wall of the bridge and jumping towards the cold waters.

As I jump, I feel the familiar tingle run it's course over my body, shifting, breaking and re-arranging my bone structure.

What hits the water is not my slim, tall human body, but that of a tiny, slimy, silvery blue salmon fish.

Submerging in the water, I watch for the body of another salmon splashing next to me. Two dead human bodies follow soon after.

As one, we swim out to sea. The two body's gliding seamlessly through the underwater world after the two fish. We continue in this fashion for hours on end until we reach the next town, the next life, the next chase.

My name is Selena. I am immortal. I am a Tenebrarum. And I am on the run for my freedom.

The End

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