Lost, alone and in desperate need of help

All about the life of Vampires, Warewolfs, Wizards, Mindreaders and shapeshifters!!!

"Amelia come on! They are getting closer!" I screamed as my sister started to slow. Our mates far ahead.

"But I'm so tired" she gasped as I grabbed her small hand her blue eyes were drained from the running.

"Do you want them to get you?" I screamed as the sounds of per-suit got nearer.

"Maybe it would be better. Then I wouldn't have to run anymore." She told me as we began to run through the trees yet again.

"And what about Steven? That would kill him if you were caught." I scorned. In the far distance I could see a clearing. Steven and Nathan had got through. Part of me sighed in relief at the thought of Nathan being safe.

"Well..." She didn't know how to reply to that. I gave her a helpless glance as she slowed again. In the distance Nathan and Steven turned. They saw us running and started to head back. I tried to scream at them to keep going but I didn't have the energy.

with a last shove I pushed my sister forward and stopped. I turned to face them.

all around me were men in black at the front he appeared. He faced me and held his gun at my head.

"And at last I have you." he says as his finger twitches on the trigger.

The End

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