Something that felt so real; yet it wasn't real...

The moon, in all its glory, hung in the midnight sky, while the stars surrounded it.  Nowhere in sight, was a cloud to be seen - the midnight sky was clear and with it, it brought the cold and the wind.

As I walked between the trees, their dark silhouettes standing as pillars in the ground, I could feel the cold lay against my face, my arms, my neck.  

The wind, trying to be as gentle as it could, only slightly rustled the trees and brushed delicately across my cheeks with the palm of its hand.

Tree upon tree came and passed as I continued to walk amongst them.  Darkness was everywhere and everywhere there was darkness to be seen; or not to be seen?  Despite the moons face up high in the sky, darkness plagued the ground around it like a disease.

The ground beneath my feet crunched with every step I took, the sound; echoing out into the distance, faded away with time.

The trees began to thin out until I eventually came out into the clearing and I saw what stood ahead of me...

The silhouette of a woman.

She is standing there, facing away from me; I can only see the back of her head.  She wears a long coat that sways to and forth with the breeze, in time with the swaying motion of her long hair.

I try and call out something to her, but I hear nothing from me - no words, no sound; just silence.  

Am I deaf?  

What has happened to my voice?  

Can she hear me?

I try to scream with all my willpower, but still nothing can be heard from me.

With every step I take towards her, nothing moves - the trees stand where they are, like soldiers poised ready for war, the ground remains motionless and still the girl stands facing away from me.

Why can't I move towards her?

Who is she?

Panic, fear, anxiety; they all swarm through my mind as I struggle to get closer to her.  The breeze still moves gently against us both, as I stand helpless at the edge of the clearing.

I slowly raise my hand to try and reach out to her, in a futile attempt to see who she is, just a glance is all I need to see her face - to see who she is.

But just as my fingers open out towards her, near enough to touch her; she vanishes.

Nothing is left of her; no trace of her is left behind.  My hand snatches at the air in front of me in a desperate attempt to bring her back, yet despair reigns terror over my mind and realisation becomes my acceptance.

My heartbeat quickens and my breathing becomes shallower - panic and confusion take control and I scream and shout.  Falling to my knees I pound the damp earth with my fists over and over again; until I drain all the energy from out of my body.

Why did she go?!

I ask myself that question over in my mind until my vision blurs; I can't focus on anything, I feel dizzy...

The sound of the alarm clock rings in my ears, it stings my ears and I am forced to open my eyes.  The girl, she is gone; I will never know who she is, who she was and I won't see her face again.

Or will I?

It was just a dream - wasn't it?

The End

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