Prologue: Pg. 4

I peeked my head out from behind the capsules. The door was blackened and melted, burning papers were scattered on the floor, several chemicals were spattered on the walls, and Kory’s control panel was in shreds, with wires sticking out of the screen.

            Two guards now stood at the door, and two more dragged Akalan in. He wasn't resisting, but the look on his face could have melted lead.

            Behind Akalan followed Xymn Xybras, accompanied by five more guards. The guards threw Akalan into a chair and chained him to the desk.

            As they are doing this, I pulled myself back behind the capsules, and slowly get to my feet, making as little noise as possible. I made one desperate leap at the eject button. My hand connected, and there was a muffled alarm. Kory’s distorted voice came over the com:

            “ejection sequence initiating. ejecting container 1.” There was a whoosh, and the floor beneath the container dropped out, the container falling into space. I gasped. When I had been recruited, I had had no idea where I was being taken; that information was classified, in the event of a traitor. Well, apparently, they knew what they were doing.

            The vacuum of space sucked the air out of my lungs, which felt like a punch in the gut. I buckled over in pain, groping for the switch that closed the door. My sight was getting fuzzy from my lack of oxygen, but I managed to reach the switch that closed the shaft, and brushed over the auto-eject button. The last thing I saw was guards rushing towards me, but even the blackness that was enveloping me could not block out Xymn's scream of fury, the gunshot, or the sudden look of pain, shock and sadness on my husband's face. Even that faded to a deathly pale blankness, as did my own consciousness.

The End

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