Prologue: Pg. 3

Akalan just stared. "No. You can't be serious! Why?"

            "Because this time and place is not good enough for her. Her body alone should preserve her until then, but with the container, she is guaranteed safety until 2500. When it opens, she will be a 10-year-old orphan with amnesia. There will be no chance of anyone being able to find her by activating Protocol 4. No one will even be able to detect her...condition...because I've spent the last 3 weeks creating an implant that will entirely cloak it. Someone will take her in and she'll get a chance to live her life--the chance we never got."

            "I...I don't know...I can't stop you, but I don't want to lose you! We were supposed to live our lives together!" Akalan had tears streaming down his face.

            "With the world Xymn is about to create, I don't think we'd have much of a life to live."

            Akalan paused, considering my comment. "If you're going, then we'll go together. I'm not about to let you sacrifice yourself for our daughter while I stand on the sidelines."

            I let out a quiet sob. "Oh, Akalan. I love you so much. I wish we could grow old together."

            "I love you too. More than you'll know."

            Suddenly, there was a banging on my elevator door. A guard shouted for me to open it.

            "Oh, Akalan! They must have changed the surveillance frequency! The disablers didn't work. I have guards at my door." I looked back at the holo-projector, and to my horror, I saw not Akalan, but Xymn Xybras, smiling triumphantly. He pointed towards my husband, surrounded by guards, all weapons trained on him. Akalan's face was a fearful mix of unmasked hatred and contempt.

            "Take Akalan to Jaide's lab. It will be so much more romantic to watch them die in each other's arms." The holograph dissipated, and I screamed.

            "Kory! Put the lab into emergency lockdown, now!"

            "Access denied. You have been found guilty of treason against the Purpose."

            "Override code JIEAKALFAE450. Initiate emergency lockdown!"

            "Override accepted. Access granted. Laboratory initiating lockdown."

            The lights dimmed, and there was a loud creak as the airtight emergency locks in the doors sealed. I frantically searched the lab for something I could use to stop this nightmare. I was choking with fear, but the only thing I could think of was, "Get Phaiara out of here!" In a burst of seething anger, I decided to release all of the Projects.

            "I refuse to allow a monster to take control of innocent..." I hesitated to use the word "people".

            I ran to Kory’s control panel, and started typing instructions into the computer. I reproduced the code that deletes Protocol 4, and programmed it into all of the Akalan subjects. Then I copied the random personality program, and made the mental restraints for all Jaide subjects. All this took place in 3 minutes.

            The banging on the door had finally stopped, and I paused. I listened, and heard a small, indistinct beeping sound. I started, and ran towards the far side of the room, taking cover behind the capsules that held the Projects just as an explosion rocked the room.

The End

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