Another high school writing assignment. It's quite short. Feel free to add to it. :)

      It's dark. On both sides, the highway is lined with trees. I can't see anything.

      "Bad news, guys," says Dad, answereing the unspoken question 'where are we?' "We're taking a little detour."

      "What?" I am outraged. I have not ridden in this car for fourteen hours just to get lost. Suddenly, there's a loud thump. We've hit something. Dad climbs out to see what it is. He yells.

      "Dad!" I bolt out of the car. We are surrounded. Surrounded by men in dark clothing with covered faces. One grabs me. I scream and struggle, but it's useless. He holds what appears to be a rusty machete to my throat. I scream again. This time to warn my mother, but she is already being dragged from the car. It's too late. This is the end.

The End

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