Chapter 1.

On a sweet, balmy day in the middle of spring, my Mother dropped me outside school, leaving me with a few words of advice.
"Alex," she said, calling me back to the car. "Chin up, alright?"
I smiled a smile that didn't quite reach my eyes and tipped my head back until my chin was right in the air. Mum giggled, floored the accelerator and zoomed off. I watched until she dissappeared. Turning back to the gate, I trudged through it. Somewhat reluctantly I admit but I was through it now and there was no point turning back.

I was feeling down, not an unusual occurrance but for an unusual reason. Today it wasn't the usual stresses afforded by my teenage angst, it was the events of the weekend.
One event in particular.

My mum didn't know what was going through my mind during this morning's car ride. To be honest, I don't think I could have told her - I wasn't so sure myself.
My thoughts had passed by in a blur, much as my morning proceeded to.

The End

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