The driver approached me, and as i kissed her lips, her cold unresponsive lips, he managed to choke out the words 'I’m so sorry....'

I started rising to my feet, feeling the rage taking over every muscle in my body. I AM GOING TO KILL HIM, I thought to myself. Every muscle except my heart. My heart was still with her, and as soon as the anger had risen, it had already begun to subside, calmed by my undying love for her.

I crouched back down, not wanting to leave her side. I had to spend every last second with her, make sure she safely reaches heaven.

As i hugged her, i felt a warm feeling soar through my body, and my heart was filled with temporary joy. 'I love you' i said knowing that her spirit had just passed through me, on her way to a better place.

'I will wait for you...' my mind fooled me into believing the wind whispered, and I smiled a weak smile.

'I will meet you again' I said hugging her one last time. 'I will meet you again.'

The End

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