I was walking to town with my girlfriend one day. The person i have loved all my life since meeting her. The kindest person i knew. The person i would have died for.

We saw a child by the roadside, crying and my love ran to the kid's aid.
'Thats my girl' i thought, 'always caring'.

As i walked towards them, I saw, out of the corner of my eye, a speeding car.
'NO!' i screamed, but realised that they wouldnt have time to get out of the way.

I started to sprint the short distance towards them, my muscles over-stretching with the instant strain i was putting on them. I dived towards my love, my sweet, but the vehicle got there first.

My eyes widened in terror as my life was destroyed in front of me.
The tears flowed freely down my face, mixing with the blood at my feet
as the car screeched to a halt further down the road.

I could hear someone screaming, and I looked around in a daze, not realising it was me.

The smoke cleared from my eyes, and I saw that the child was safe.
She had managed to push him out of the way in time, leaving him only minor bruises from the fall.

I ran to her aid, trying to revive her.
'Please wake up....' i whispered to her as i shook her body, 'Honey??'
I found myself rattling her body in a desperate attempt to shake life back into her, but to no avail. She was gone.

The End

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