Chapter One

I never had the greatest luxuries in life.

Growing up in a poor family was never easy for me, but somehow, I overcame it. Little food, no water… as a child, life was a struggle.

There was nothing we could do. My parents earned whatever money they could, however it would never be enough to last the three of us.

I was scared. When you’re a child going though what I went through, you lose hope in everything. I couldn’t predict where my life would end up. I couldn’t change what I thought was meant to be my fate.

And then I met Daniel.

Daniel was a rich man. His parents were rich, becoming wealthy through their work: aristocrats. Daniel then worked in the same industry, and earned the exact amount of money, if not more.

Compared to my first husband—who was also the father of my daughter—Daniel was perfect. Kale was a good man, when we first got married. However a few years after I gave birth to our daughter Patience, things went downhill.

Kale became an alcoholic.

His family weren’t all too rich, but they had enough money… middle-class people, you know? But things got stressful for him, work as well as family issues, and he used the drink as an escape, if you like. As escape form the real world. An escape from reality.

As time passed, Kale became aggressive. His behaviour made a drastic turn, and it would frighten me. Hearing him unlock the door each evening only made me picture what had gone on the night before, and I was scared. Scared that what happened before, would repeat itself.

But Kale and I have finally gone our separate ways, and none of it mattered afterwards. He told me that he didn’t want anything to do with Patience, our daughter. She, of course, didn’t understand a thing, only being five years old.

I was glad he had said this. I didn’t want Kale to have anything to do with Patience. She didn’t deserve a father like him. She deserved some one much better; she deserved a father like Daniel.

And so she got one.



“Patience!” I called whilst pulling my eight-year old daughter’s coat off the rack.

For the previous half an hour, the three of us—Daniel, Patience, and I—had been getting ready to visit his parents for dinner.

We never really visited them often. Daniel went quite a lot, however we both knew for a fact that they had never really taken a liking for me. I assume this was because of my background, and how my family had never been very well-off.

But, what can I say? We loved each other.

They had never paid much attention to Patience, either. I think it was because she wasn’t their grand-daughter by blood, and to them, this was a disgrace to their family name.

Calling my daughter’s name once more, she skipped her way around the corner of the hallway and headed towards me, singing along to a nursery rhyme.

Crouching down, I slipped on her shiny new shoes. Patience giggled as my hand accidentally brushed the in-step of her foot.

When I was done and Patience was all set and ready, Daniel finally appeared at the top of the stairs.

“Are we all ready?” he asked, making his way down them.

“Yes,” I replied, smiling hesitantly.

Daniel looked from me to Patience. “Patience, my satchel is in the kitchen. Could you get it for me?”

“Okay,” replied Patience in a musical tone. She headed of into the opposite direction.

Daniel stood in front of me.

“Ana. It will be okay,” he said reassuringly.

I smiled again. “I would prefer it if they actually liked me.”

He chuckled. “Me too. They’ll come round sooner or later. We just need to give them the time to do so.”

How long do they need? I thought.

“And if they don’t?” I asked, bringing my eyes up to his.

He paused for a moment.

“Well, they are just going to have to deal with it. Because I love you, and that is all that matters.”

When these words escaped his lips, I could not help but grin. It always made me feel warm inside, whenever he told me that. It made me realise how lucky I was to have found him.

Patience returned holding Daniel’s satchel out to him. He took it appreciatively, and hung it over his shoulder.

“Shall we be off, then?” he asked, clapping his hands together.

“Of course,” I said.

Taking hold of Patience’s hand, Daniel opened the front door for u, allowing us to step out before him. He smiled at me as the two of us walk out onto the porch.

The driver had the car parked a few feat away. Cars had only just been invented. Our family being rich were one of the first people to ever have bought one. It was an honour.

Once again, Daniel opened the door for both Patience and I, ad I helped her in before I followed her.  

My husband took the passenger seat, and then not even a minute later, we were on our way.

My in-laws don’t didn’t live too far from us; about a half-hour, if that. Patience occupied herself with her stuffed dolls while Daniel made conversation with our driver, Henry.

I did nothing but observe the scenery.

Residents on the streets give us a wave as we passed them. Then as soon as we hit the countryside, everything seemed much calmer.

The closer we got to my in-laws’ home, the more apprehensive I became. It has always been obvious that they never approved of our marriage, not to mention Patience not being their real grand-daughter. And when I was around them, it couldn’t have been more awkward.

They didn’t find it comfortable that I sit at their table and used their expensive china to eat from. It was almost as if, to them, I was scum.

Actually, let me re-phrase that. To them, I was scum.

But like Daniel had said, they were just going to have to accept that. And no, I do not mean accept the fact that I was scum, because I wasn’t. I mean the fact that we loved each other and we always would.

Then, something caught my eye.

Turning my head, I looked out of the window to see a brown deer running along side our car. She was really was beautiful.

I told Patience and her head instantly snapped up; she had always been so fond of animals.

Picking up its pace, it ran ahead of us. Patience began to whine.

“Come back!” she cried, trying to reach over to the window. However the seat belt held her back.

I was about to say something to my daughter until I was distracted.

The deer stopped in the middle of the road, right in front of us.

I wanted to call out but there was no time. Henry, our driver, made a sharp right turn in an attempt to avoid the animal, but a loud thud on the back of the car made me think otherwise.

The car flipped. Not once, not twice, but three times.

With each flip I heard Patience screaming, Daniel calling out to us, the driver yelling on top of the two of them, while I remained silent.

I did nothing but hold on as if my life depended on it. My life did depend on it. There wasn’t much to hold on to, but I tried my best.

When the car hit the ground once more, I flew forward, my head hitting the drivers seat in-front of me.

We were upside down and the glass windows were shattered. Everything had fallen apart.

I tried to move, but neck seemed to disagree with me. It felt stiff, and I was struggling to look around.

Patience. Where is she? Why can’t I hear her? I thought.

Everything was silent. I couldn’t hear a thing other than a slight ringing in my ears, and distant yelling coming from outside.

A warm liquid dripped down the right side of my face. Picking up my hand, I touched it before bringing it forward so I could see what it was.

Of course, it was blood.

Blood had a tendency to make me feel nauseas. I managed to keep it together, though.

Then, I think I died a thousand deaths.

All of a sudden, I couldn’t breathe. What I saw in front of me caused a small gasp to escape my lips, as I laid there in shock.

Daniel. No, no. No!

The left side of his slim face was caked with blood, and I noticed how his leg was sitting in an awkward angle, nearly twisted around itself.

He simply laid there with his eyes wide open, motionless. 

The End

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