Losing hope

It had been a tough stretch for Blanky. Finding out her game had been unplugged just like that wasn't easy to accept, especially when she was in the dark about what happened to the other characters. She had no idea who had managed to escape and who had (she dreaded to think) gone down along with the game, disappeared forever into the underworld of the Arcade world - if such a place really existed. She counted herself very lucky to have been away from the game when it happened.  She had tried to contact Niky, whom she believed had managed to escape with the dummies- but the 'unrecognised number' voice on the other end only made her sink lower, mocking her cruelly.

This had been too much for Blanky's system to come to terms with and she had retaliated by shutting down and going quiet, much like the time when she had been at the labs. Yet this was much worse. Here there were other characters' well being at stake, at least she had been saved.

This wave of hopelessness and despair had really over powered her, making her go through a number of moods: sadness, fear, anger, irritation and guilt. She'd felt it had been somehow her fault and that she should have been the one to go down with it. She had considered herself very lucky to have found someone like Birkin, who had so lovingly taken her in. she would never forget his words 'My game is always open.' She hadn't been very easy on him and was plagued by a huge swarm of guilt flies and vultures of self hate, which plucked roughly at her heart strings. I don't deserve you, William my dearest, she would say to herself when she was on her own out of sight of everyone else. For a while she wouldn't even get intimate with William. The meds he had given her hadnt been working either. She never felt so hopeless.They had recently had something so nice happen- the birth of her very own children, followed by something so devastating.

This had all taken a toll on her health too somewhat, meaning she wasn't producing as much milk which was difficult when she had two hungry babies who needed her. The sensible part of her brain had decided to enlist Ionia as a wet nurse for a while, who could help make up for the meagre feed. She felt bad for burdening her friend like this who didn't seem to mind much, making Turbo especially happy. Birkin had tried his best to help her get out of her state, to no avail. Even Turbo and Ionia's silly shenanigans hadnt been able to pierce through her gloom.The only thing Turbo got out of it was a whomp on the helmet.

In her state, she hadn't even tried to search for survivors.  It wasn't like Blanky to sit back and do nothing, she was practical and resourceful, determined to help all and fix anything that needed fixing. Much like her first toy Mr Ted, who she'd managed to fix by stitching his head to her baby blankie, after the school ruffians had ripped his head off. And then, frepairing the rides at Slappy's theme park whenever they broke down. She seemed to have the midas touch when it came to fixing things, but now it had gone, when she needed it the most to repair herself. 

Looking at herself in the mirror one morning, she was shocked to see she had become that sad, helpless little lab rat again she once was. Seems that was what finally kicked her in the back of her head and snapped her out of it. She decided she'd had enough of her state and became determined to get herself out of it, even seek help elsewhere. No more of this depression, feeling sorry for oneself doesnt get you anywhere, she decided. I must 'repair myself' so to speak. And then-stop being a selfish brat and look for survivors.

She did whatever she could do get herself out of her depression, even read the right books and searched online about her depression. It was actually one of the drawbacks of having one's game shut down, though rare. She went back to her healthy diet, meditation and exercise, and soon everyone noticed the change. Birkin was more than happy to see her finally snap out of it and the twins were ecstatic at having their mama back. She even had an inkling of what might have happened to Niky- If she herself had been so depressed over the game being shut down yet she'd escaped, Niky's situation could be 10 times worse. She really hoped that Niky too had gotten some help. Her dear sister- who had always been there for her and saved her life when she rescued her from the labs. She would do the same for her now. As difficult as it might be, she would send out a search for her and the other characters-and she would never give up the search.

She set out for the council, feeling more hopeful than she ever had.

The End

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