Losing DirectionMature

I never saw the water. I saw the night overtake me as I jumped and then I was cold. I was cold on the outside but felt nothing inside. As I became numb and the salt water waves thrashed my borderline-comatose body I felt hands pulling me. Three hands then four, now five were dragging my useless frame. My brain flickered like a glitchy computer screen as cold fiberglass was slapped against my face.

I was in a boat. Someone saved me from the torment of my physical form. Looking out from nothingness, I saw faces that were blank. The salt water had battered me, but my body was cleansed. For all that I endured in the cold waters, risking the abyss of cruel animal feeding at the bottom of the ocean and a Sailors worst death; I had been saved the trouble of washing the blood from my body.

Carbon copied onto my soul, I felt the blood fill the cracks and I was whole. Having fought it my entire life, I felt complete and at peace with myself. What an amazing opportunity to soul search. Suddenly my life had purpose and value.

As the salt water mimicked tears I did not possess for souls I did not mourn, I smiled at my accomplishments and fell asleep. Sleep as I had not had in my entire life. Suddenly the world had endless possibilities in such an awakening. And so I slept.

The End

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