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"BOYS! GET DOWN HERE!"Lidia screamed to Brent and Benji. When the boys finally got there Lidia decided to talk. "The Ames girls will be staying here for a week go set the guest room and Brent be nice!Your school called thanking for telling that the Ames were under two mothers!We will talk young man!"She said. We all could see she was in a bad mood today..sometimes she is even worse than mama Kade! "HELL NO! AIN'T NO WAY SOME LESBI'S KIDS ARE LIVING WITH ME!"Screamed Brent. "Then we will leave...we can go down to the Daltons"I said still calm and grabbed the girls. "Sit!"Lidia spoke so mad but she never scared me like mama Kade and she knew that. "Its quite alright..we do not want to make anyone upset"I said still holding the girls hands. "Brent!" Lidia was glaring so hard at him. "Listen to your mother boy!"Spoke Hew trying not to get killed if he didn't side with her. "I am not doing it mother!Me or them which is it?!"He spoke with the same anger as Lidia. "It will be you...we will go now"I answered for her since i just wanted out. We left after that but once we got to their next door neighbor i hugged the girls for they were both crying hatred to everyone that hated us for our mothers being together. Jade held on to Jazz since she was upset more by this than all of us. "we will live don't you two worry!I will protect ya'll!"I yelled while crying.

Brent came out to do his chores and he was smirking that he won the war. That is when Jade decided to let her anger all go. She is a fire Lortan along with me and our anger is like Lidias and mama Kades if it gets real bad. "I HATE LIFE! I HATE EVERYONE!" Jade screamed while crying and me hugging her tighter. "We need to get off the street. The Daltons maid is not gonna allow us there since she hated our mothers."I spoke while trying to gain my confidence again. I could see Brent was feeling guilty but he would not admit it. I look him straight in the eye to let him know I see him. He looks back at me then at Jade. I suddenly realize he is in Love with my sister.
Jade sees where i am looking and instantly stills and starts to glow red with anger. "He will not hurt you. He is staring at you as Ari does with me." I whispered in her ear. Her glow of red suddenly dies down and she looks straight into his eyes like I was doing. He saw her staring and tries to go back emotionless face which he did after two minutes. "Dannie? that how you find a soulmate?" Jazz asked me. "Yes Jazz..that is how I found Ari and it seem Jays found hers" I spoke the only answer I knew was true to Jazz. Jade stood up and walked up to Brent and stood right in front of him. He was confused and just looked at her.

Jade looked into his eyes of what i could see from where i was sitting with Jazz. "Are you my soulmate? you love me?"She asked so calm and mature for her age. "Why do you ask me that if I gave you no care or sware of protection?"He said the third rule. The third rule is for you to love your soulmate you must see in the eyes and sware your protection. "You look at me with eyes of no emotion but also with eyes trying to hide desire and love..I see it everyday with Ari and Nika"She said smiling knowing she got him. She always had a way to get under people and make them admit truth.

"Maybe you are correct but why do I want you as my soul-"Jade started getting annoyed and decided to shut him up. "You show desire! I know you may not want me but you can't not hide what you feel!Tell me to my face!Tell me right now that you don't want anything to do with me and will never sware me protection!If you say that,to my face,staring into my eyes,I will leave you here right now!"She screamed and I could tell she was upset he wouldn't admit his self. He look at her but not in the eyes like she wanted. "I can't tell you that cause what you say is true..but I can tell you that you waste your time trying to get me to answer to your pity" He replied.

One thing about Jade that will anger her the most is people thinking she takes pity on them. Jade started to glow red again and I went over and grabbed her hand "No!Control your anger!You have not spent pity finish with controled anger!"I whispered and sat back with Jazz. "I take pity on no one.."She spoke trying to hold the anger she wanted to let out. "Let her do this" I said to Jazz that was worried. "Answer" Said Jade through gritted teeth. "What do i say? prove me wrong on anything so there is nothing for me to speak..all i can do is accept you are my soulmate"He answers and goes inside.

Dear Diary,

We are staying at a hotel for now..Jade is still angry with Brent so she won't talk to Jazz or me which is scaring us both. Mile and Mila came by saying Arion will be done sooner than we planned so we are just staying in the hotel for one more day. Must retire..nite.


Baby Heart(Danika)

The End

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