The journey begins

"Danika!" Whispers Arion. He loves to sneak in my room after he knows everyone is asleep. I turned over to face him. "Remind me no more choosing rooms with windows!" I was being funny and he knows that. "Then I will have Jay let me in!" He says then smirks knowing he is Jade's hero and she would do anything for him. Meaning if i chose a non-window room Jade will choose the window room to make sure he got to me! "Oh you think you are so smart!" I say and smile. "Are you staying? If you are mama Kade gets up at five A.M. and checks on all of us so you have to be careful" I say worried for his sake. "Of course! And your mama Kade scares everyone but i will stick up so she will let me marry you!" He answers to show bravery. He lays down with me and we fall asleep.

The next i hear my door knob start to turn and i see Arion is not next to me. I look at the clock and it says 5:05 A.M.. I look towards my door and see both Jade and Jazz. "We got scared of the lightning and thunder so mama Kade said come in here since she already checked on you" Squeaks Jade in her sleepy voice. "Well come on!" I literally scream. I look over the side of my bed, "You are safe now Ari" I smirk at him and he smiles back up at me. "We both want by you Dannie.." Says Jazz while she yawns. "Well how about Jazz on the edge and Jade between me and Nia" Suggests Arion knowing Jade wants by both me and him.

I feel someone shaking me,Jazz and Jade are grabbing so tight on to me while Arion is telling to wake my butt up.When i open my eyes Jazz looks terrified and Jade looks ready to cry. I hear a scream from my mamas room. "Arion stay with these two and protect them!" I whisper and run down the hall. I see a man in my mamas room and he turns to me. "You are their spawn!" He shouts. I can tell he is a human. Lortans are only like by the Fairies,Valens,Aeros,Drangon Wranglers,and Chichas. Humans that know of the mystical creatures DESPISE Lortans. They hate that we were started by them and of how we are used in the world. I looked behind him, or tried to. "They are dead young one and you are next!"He screams and takes out a gun. I just stand there looking straight at him knowing my anger ablities will work. "Girl! Staring will do you-"He tries to say before the fire takes over him. "Never touch a fire Lortan!"I speak so deep that Jade would be proud.

As soon as i get back to the room i look at Jazz and Jade. "It was a human..he got both mamas in surprise..they..they are gone!"I try not to shed tears to be strong for Jazz and Jade but it just dont work. Both Jazz and Jade then run to me hugging and crying. I hug them to me tight and Arion hugs them from behind reaching all around us. "Nika..may me and Jazz tell you something" She asks so scared. I nod and Jazz decideds she will finish since Jade is hugging Arion. "Even though...even though they were our mothers we..we always considered you and Arion as more our parents..."She couldn't finish and I looked wide eyed at Arion. "..We told everyone at school you two were our parents till they found out yesterday" Finished Jade. "Now that they..they are gone can you be our parents?" Asked Jazz and she looked fearful we would say no. "Of course"Answered my hero Arion.

"BENJI!!! I TOLD YOU TO CLEAN YOUR DAMN ROOM UP!"Screamed Lidia. I knocked on the door for it to be answered by Hew Dale. "Girls..what brings yall here?" He asks cause he and his wife love us unlike their kids. "Our mothers were killed by a human..we need a place to stay for atleast a week" I explained trying not to go in details. "Oh my!Well get in prepared for questions"Answered Hew while he pulled us in and shut the door."Right on it mom"Screamed Benji from upstairs. "Hey Lid!We got company!" Yelled Hew to get her attention. "Take them to the living room I will be there in a minute" She answers not even coming out of the kitchen.

I grab both the girls hands and go to the den. We sat down and I reminded Jade to ignore Brent if she had to. "Girls! oh I am sorry i didn't know you were the company!What can we do for ya'll?"She asked so sweet. "We need a place to stay for the week...If you have questions let the the twins stay in here since they have not heard the story yet either" I spoke calmly. "Our mothers were killed by a human..I already destroyed the human since i am a fire lortan..Arion will be getting a house for us and needs a week..the girls want to stay with me since they are still alittle frightened"I just told everything i could.

The End

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