Every story is the same where the poor girl some how ends up with the popular boy or best friends get together...In this story we live in the world of the Lortans...If you wonder what a Lortan is then you will read for my characters will speak highly of themselves...Everyone is with someone but someones will die in protection of the wrong love....How is it you say you can fall in love with the wrong person?...My Lortans are known for it but in the end sometimes it may just be the right person...

Dear Diary,

Everyone was picking on Jade and Jazz today cause they found out that our mothers were lesbis...Poor Jade came home crying saying being a Lortan sucks which sometimes it does..Jazz just came home happy as ever while she decided to tell both our moms what the school said of any kids under parents of the same sex were not allowed in the school...then again mama and mama weren't Lortans when they got together..OH dinner..talk to ya at ten

Signed, Baby Heart(Danika)

"DANNIE!!! DINNER" Screamed Jazz. I was just walking down to be greeted by a hyper Jazz,still upset Jade and my mama Corisica. "Well hurry that little butt up Nika! We are having Stu Surprise tonight" Spoke Corisica. "Who cooked it?" I asked in fear of mama Kade cooking since she likes to burn things to the ground. "Mama Corisica! Me and Jade wouldn't let mama Kade in the kitchen" Squealed Jazz. I giggled despite mama Corisica glaring at me "you two have saved the day and the house!" I practicaly screamed. "We know" Says Jade silently. "Lets just eat before your mama gets home!" Screams mother Corisica knowing how mama Kade feels bad enough for burning down our other home. After eating Jazz decided to talk to Mama Corisica and Mama Kade of how we became Lortans while i would talk with Jade about what happened in school. Wait you don't know what a Lortan is do ya? Well just keep reading and you will find hints.

I started walking upstairs to the twins room when I heard Jade talking to her stuffed animals again. "Oh Mr.Lion I don't know why those kids were being mean today. They said it was cause we had two mommies but our mommies love each other more than Brents parents do!" So it was Brent that let it out. Brent Dale was from a family that had problems left and right but still stuck together. Thats the number one rule to Lortans. Once you make a family you are to stick together for eternity. I knocked on the twins door.

"Who is it?!" Asked Jade sounding scared thinking it was mama Kade. "Its Nika" I used my nickname she loves so much so she would understand I was not going to call mama Kade. "Oh! Come on in Nika!" I opened the door to see her sitting on the bed with dried up tears on her face and holding her lion stuffed animal. "Want to tell me what Brent did to upset you" I asked. She has always found it easy to talk to me which is why both our mamas always sent me to do the talking. "He found out his papa was helping mama Kade in her surgery and spread the word about our two mommies and got me and Jazz kicked out and you might be next!" She literally cried at me and jumped in my arms for a hug. I held her for what seemed like hours. "Jay they will do nothing to me since i am about to graduate but we might be able to put you and Jazz in school with Mile and Mila" I spoke to calm her since i doubt mama Kade wants her around those two.

Dear Diary,

Not much more to tell except mama Kade is beyond mad and went to talk to the Dales while mama Corisica told me to watch the kids while she went to stop mama Kade. Arion has told mama Corisica that he wants to marry me..mama Kade said he has no blessing from her since I am not seventeen yet. Arion said he would watch for me even if he is a born Lortan and I am just a made one...Everyone knows the second rule of the lortans..'Marry to who you love but only your kind'..mama Kade says I need to marry a human while mama Corisica says I have her blessing..Well bed for me now night.

Signed,Baby Heart(Danika)

The End

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